Patient Arrival

“Lets, just jump straight into it” I said,

“Its been a long time coming, you’ve seen the end, the beginning”

“Well tell me something, how far does this life take me?”

“Will I own it all one day?, or will i just end up average, regular, just low?”

“I can’t see into the future you know”

“So your going to have to tell me something”

“I just can’t feel left here alone”

“With no answers, questions remain the same”

“Unfulfilled like seconds but they are not needed, you see but time does not play a factor in this matter”

“Show me!”

This can’t go on

this line that draws deep from my pin

it circles as a snake does

slithering its way to the rich parts of me,

consuming me in an empty place

exposing all my enter thoughts

to create a master piece with no desire to remove the cloth so people can be amazed

at what was created from an unanswered mind.








Destined for sure
But the water rises and feels destined to keep a drifter from shore
It’s a element that settles in deep no depth to see
Waving for good byes like waves over seas
But let it ponder and sink in like the  calm ponds and meadows breeze
Please keep calm for in reality
The waves are calm
The storm raves in a weak heart
That’s where it lies
Failed to realize the disguise
Thinking its deeper then the abyss
Just stand and see
What lies beneath was just fears way of tricking the mind
For the waste was all it came too.
Just think for if the mind is not in use
Sight will be lost by what is seen.
Dream for the dreamer who’s dreams may lack passion for the real world
Believe for the believer who’s faith may lack a mustard seed
Extend your hand to pull up those who’s life are on edge of falling.
Listen, for multiple voices can be heard but only one can be understood

Over look

Search for what you can’t see
Like a blind archaeologists
Cut open, Dig deep like a bad sergeant
It’s either now or never
Drink until there’s nothing left
Eat until made full
Walk even if you begin to crawl keep moving
Let the fire burn with in and never put it out, then ignite someone else
Let it spread like a Forrest fire
One to another
Desire is your best friend, get engaged to be married and live on together
It’s not over until God says it’s over
Strive for more like enough isn’t and will never be enough
People are watch they can see you
They can feel when you are dying for what you believe in
When you are chasing after what seems to be uncatchable
Life isn’t mine but like the sun in the morning I’ll raise it up.
To be given a chance to live is the greatest gift anyone can give.
So live like this life isn’t yours to lose.

This gift of mine

Sometimes I feel like its a waste of time
It puts me in a position to be great but never known
I write to be heard
For ppl who wish they could, can
To open peoples imagination
And close those doors for those who never imagine
I wish or I hope I can make a career out of this
But that seems far fetched
Its a place you respect
Because your were your suppose to be
You dream came true and your 2 inches from your destiny
I want to reach out and be a inch from mine
Is that too much to ask
To wonder if the gift I have will ever get rapped and sent for a present to be opened like Christmas day
I only sit and wait for an opportunity to present itself.
For now I continue to write until the next holiday.

About sin to me

To sin is like putting a stain on a clean rag
But like dirty clothes why not wash them to make it clean again
I mean everyone loves a fresh start
A new beginning
It never hurt to start over
Its believed that when you start over you learned something
You were able to understand and move past it
To grasp the new title
Move on to the new chapter
Different time
Same author
Just because you mastered it dont mean you change masters
Sin is like a dirty rag
So wash up and try not to mess it up again.


Peace is the key
Even war has to unlock the hate that it holds
Driven by design you maintain a certain mold
Mold is the worst cause they grow to lock still no secret code.
Codes, passwords you pursue the last words to be define like old class words to mature your future last words.
Now my last words stand alone.
You pursue to be heard to last tell the day arrives.
To unlock secrets that cant be define.
Here am I
I lost the art of accepting 
Of acceptance or to be accepted
See im playing with a secret
And these words can be confusing
Like pursuing what wants to be pursued.
Not captured it’s a continuous transition
Now im trying to master this thought that continues to come to mind.
Im always here
And it’s always my time
Cause what comes to mind can be any time to unleash a master…. piece by design
That mold, secret or unlocked code
Is my minds thought process
Thats here to be defined
Ill pursue what I cant define.
To one day unlock my minds design

Complete Focus

Complete focus…
To fulfill  that silent ache that cries
Cause silent has the same letters as LISTEN…
So if you have complete focus you can even see the very thing thats right in front of you without looking…

To engage reality
Plant a seed for the earth… now growth is your mentality
Listen to your heart
Let your mind be your galaxy
Let your thoughts space out
To become stars…
Now here’s your fantasy

Elevated took time then penetrated
Levitated saw steps then escalated
Saw maps to explore went str8 no navigation
I had it all for the taken, but it took me, lost motivation.
Grabbed what was left and kept moving my devastation
To tall to come up short so I barely made it
Pulling with what I had left, my all and all for the taken
Complete Focus….. here I am once again my dedication.